Kalash Festival Chilim Jusht


The Kalasha spring Festival known as Zhoshi by the Kalash themselves and “Chilimjusht” by the local  people, with its all colours and glory will commence from 13th and last until 16th May, to welcome the summer season of the year. Since it’s the most colourful festival of the Kalash people, thousands of national and international tourists come to attend it, creating for themselves, lifetime memories in the United valleys of Kalash.

The unique group dance of the Kalash people, coupled with the bewitching scenery of the valleys, is the real essence of the festival is worth seeing. People, who long to know the important but hidden facts about the smallest community of the earth, would ever love to join the festival.

This is not a mere gathering of people, but rather embodies the outstanding and unparallel peace, unknown to the world, surrounds us there. This festival also gives us an opportunity to see how these few people remained true to their ancestors and preserved the great heritage which they received from their forefathers in the shape of culture. This festival is unique in its nature and has no other examples in this big world.

Chitral, the valley of mesmerizing beauty, the hidden treasure of nature, peace-loving and hospitable people and much more to explore is still a hidden paradise for travellers, researchers, nature lovers and adventurists.

Under the shadow of Tarich Mir, the highest mountain range of Hindukush, the home of fairies is 412km and 368 km away from Islamabad and Peshawar respectively.

Kalash community in Chitral are welcoming this romantic, captivating and enchanting beauty of the upcoming spring season, and inviting the travellers to join them to celebrate this wonderful event with wonderful people of the world.

Sky Nation Tourism is an inbound tour Company and travel consultant with over 07 years experiences  of mountain tourism is pleased to serve you with our comprehensive and economical tour packages for the travellers and tourists for upcoming events in Chitral, including the Kalash famous event of Chilimjusht to be held on 13-16 May 20.


Day excursion of Garumchashma Lotkoh:

You trip to Kalash festival will give an additional value of money you are spending on your tour to Chitral is one full day exploration trip to Injigan, 45 km in the extreme north west of Chitral on the gateway to Central Asia is popularly known Garam Chashma.

The historical popularity of the area is because of its shortest land route from Chitral to Central Asia (just 200 km), used to be the hub of trades and pilgrimage routes for traders, travelers and conquerors.


In the 11th century, an Ismaili scholar, philosopher and preacher came to this area and initiated preaching,teaching converted theKalash/ Budapest into Islam. He stayed in the cave, well known as “Gharo Ziarat” and prayed inside the cave for 40 days with full  fasting.On completion of this spiritual empowerment, he comes out from the cave and hundreds of  people  movement called “Piro Pathak” celebrated on 2nd of February every year.

The land of memory, pilgrimage and roots of spirituality remains the identity of the area. In the recent past history, the popularity of the area came out in 1972 when the then Prime Minister Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto visited the area and explored its attraction and beauty.


Day 01: May 14:Departure to Kalash valley from Islamabad/Rawalpindi/Pew. Full day derives  10-12  hours with a break for lunch on way to Kalash valley and overnight with  Kalash Guest House (subject to availability) otherwise in the camping.

Day 02: May-15: Stay in Kalash guest house in Bumburat valley or in camps- enjoyed full day         Kalash festival till late night- dancing with the community and participating in the event.

Day 03: May-16:  Stay in Kalash for  full day exploration and overnight at Chitral

(Chitral Guest  House)

Day 04: May-17:  Explore Garumchashma, the natural beauty of valley leading towards Central Asia at  just 200 km crossing narrow straps of Afghanistan. This valley remained the focal point of Afghan cold war with Russia. On the way back to Chitral you will enjoy Markhoor- the most endangered species on the planet. O/N at Chitral Guest House

Day 05: May-18: Full day drive from Chitral to Islamabad/Rwp/Peshawar and lunch on way at Timergira or Chikdara.

Bank Details

The cost of the itinerary for five days:

The cost of the proposed itinerary is 34,500 PKR per person based on the minimum group size of 12 pax or above.

The cost of the proposed itinerary is 21,500 PKR per person based on the minimum group size of 25 pax or above

Note: The cost will increase proportionately with less size and decrease with larger size of group members.

The cost of this itinerary includes:

  • Transport from Islamabad to Dir by coasters and Dir to Kalash, Garumchashma and drop at Dir by Jeep
  • Full board based Hotel/Guest House or camping facilities subject to availability during the festival
  • Guide from Islamabad to Islamabad
  • Home stay facilities if required during the trip
  • Sharing and double occupancy based accommodation
  • Private transport with 4 pax in one

Package will not Include:

Personal items, including warm cloths, trekking shoes, mineral water, tips, cold drink, juices, additional fruits or food or tea.