There are mummerous of buddhist  monuments  like  stupas monasteries  viharas settlements cave rock carving and inscription scattered here and there in the swat valley this is our own ancient cultural heritage & should be protected preserved  and removed fa-hein who  came valley in 4th century  A.D  and wrote about the 6000 monasteries  found in the vally sung yun  also  visited the vally in the 6th century A.D and he reported 6000images in the sacred monastery of talo (Butkara) A Chines pigrim hsuan Tsang who came in the valley in the 7th century A.D about 1400 monasteries in sat which clearly indicated of the remains of the bughist monuments we could find ruins of over 400 budhist stupas and monasteries in swat even to day lets  find out a few of them

Day 01: Islamabad-Malakand-Mingora

  • Early morning drive to Mingora drive to Mingora from Islamabad
  • Enrout visit world heritage archaeological site of Takht bahi
  • Lunch at Chakdara
  • Visit archaeological sites of Barikot & Shingardara stupa with tour guide
  • Arrival at Mingora and transper to hotel
  • In the evening visit Fizagat Park
  • Explore Swat river subject to availability of time
  • Visit street food at Night time
  • Dinner and night stay at hotel

Day 02: Mingora –Jambil valley Swat:

  • Early morning trip to visit archaeological sites of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi mosque and Raja Gira Castle at Udegram
  • Return to hotel for breakfast
  • After breakfast visit Jahanabad Buddha Swat Museum
  • Visit archaeological sites of Butkara and Saidu Sharif
  • Lunch at Mingora
  • Half day trip to Jambil valley to see Budhist rock carvings
  • drive back to Saidu Sharif
  • dinner and night stay at hotel

Day 03 Swat –Timergara-Lower Dir

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Trip to visit archaeological site of Amluk Dara Stupa with local tour guide
  • visit Abbasheb Chena Andtokar Dara
  • Lunch at Barikot
  • Visit archaeological site of Nimogram Buddhist Monastery
  • Drive to Timergara Dir lower from Swat
  • Visit river Punjkora Subject to availability of time
  • Check in to hotel
  • dinner and night stay at hotel

Day 04: Timergara –Chackdara-Islamabad

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Visit Gorgori Chowk & Akhmenian Sites
  • Visit Hindu Shahi and Gumbat Talash
  • Visit Adnan Dheri Archaeological sites
  • Visti Chatpat at chakdara with tour guide
  • Visit Churchhil Picket (if possible)
  • Lunch at Batkhela
  • Drive to Islamabad via moterway
  • Arrival to Islamabad overnight
  • End tour good bye’
  • Be happy best of luck

Bank Details

Rate Calculation per Person with Detail:



  • Chicken korma + Chapati+ Raita/Salad + Cold drink.
  • OR Chicken biryani + Raita/Salad + Cold drink.
  • OR Chicek BBQ (Quarter Piece)+Katchup + Nan + Cold drink.


  • Grill fish, Afghani Palwu Salad/ Raita, Katchup Cold drink

Terms and Conditions For The Tour

  • Room type 04 bed Sharing
  • Single or double room will be provide on demand
  • No hidden fees / Charges
  • Mode of payment 50% in Advance Cash
  • Time Table must be follow
  • First Aid at any stage/ an emergency
  • Rush can disturb our time plan
  • Conform Your Booking at least 10 days before departure
  • Refreshment expense & entry fees will be paid by the tourist
  • Infant will be free child (05-10 years) will charges  50% of the tour Package

Tour Cancellation Policy

  • 00% of the total amount will be deducted if cancellation notified 10-09 days prior to the trip
  • 15% of the total amount will be deducted if cancellation notified 06-07 days prior to the trip
  • 35% of the total amount will be deducted if cancellation notified 04-05 days prior to the trip
  • 60% of the total amount will be deducted if cancellation notified 01-02 days prior to the trip
  • 85% of the total amount will be deducted if cancellation notified 12-24 Hrs  prior to the trip

Dos and Don’ts for Everyone

  • Always ask permission before photography
  • Don’t harass women in any way
  • Don’t walk into people tents uninvited
  • Don’t disturb the working in field
  • Don’t drink alcohol in public places
  • Buy local products
  • Don’t carry arms
  • Use dedicated parking area
  • Don’t throw stuff on to the tourist places
  • Don’t take photography at dangerous places
  • Make your kind cooperation with Sky Nation Tourism team

Recommended Gear

  • NIC is must
  • Trekking boots/Joggers/Comfortable Shoes/Slippers
  • Back Pack
  • Torches with extra batteries
  • Waterproof lower and Jacket
  • Thermals (both upper and lower)
  • Fleece/Sweaters
  • T Shirts for day trekking
  • Water bottle
  • Socks, preferably woolen (03-04 pairs)
  • Gloves (highly recommended)
  • Muffler (highly recommended)
  • Beanie (highly recommended)
  • Hand wash/soap/sanitizer, wipes, tooth paste and all other necessities
  • Sun Block and Sun glasses
  • Power bank

Swat Guide Map